GOLF ECONOMIC IMPACT STUDY: The economic impact of golf on the Economies of Europe is €15.1 Billion.  Download the full report here.

GOLF ECONOMIc IMPACT study: Golf in Europe employs 180,000 FTEs’ and pays wages of €4.4 Billion.  Download the full report here.

golf economic impact study: The average economic impact per golfer in Europe is €1911 compared to €1917 in Australia and €2008 in the USA.  Download the full report here.

golf economic impact study: With the €15.1 Billion generated by golf in Europe, you could purchase 60,400 of the new Aston Martin Vanquish.  Download the full report here.

TENNIS WIMBLEDON CENSUS: Wilson tennis racquets were the No.1 racquet at Wimbledon 2014 for the 20th consecutive year.

TENNIS WIMBLEDON CENSUS: The brand Wilson spent the most time on the show courts for a total 5,878 minutes at Wimbledon 2014.

TENNIS WIMBLEDON CENSUS: The USA provided more players (63) at Wimbledon 2014 than any other country – 9 more than second placed Great Britain.

TENNIS WIMBLEDON CENSUS: The brand HEAD had the most Wimbledon 2014 winners, with 9 champions (including the men’s singles) using a Head racquet.

tennis international consumer study: Despite losing World No.1 status, Roger Federer is still the most inspiring personality to core tennis players.

cycling sportives: On average, participants in the continental based European events spent more than €500 more on their bike than UK riders. Click here to read more.

CYCLING SPORTIVES: The number one bike model at 2013 UK cyclosportives displayed a Specialized badge; the top 10 leading bike models on show came from seven different brands

CYCLING PARTICIPATION: 9.6 million people in Great Britain have cycled at least once in the past 12 months.

CycloSportive Consumer: Our typical UK cyclist is male, aged 43, and cycles just under 100 miles per week

GOLF EUROPEAN TOUR CENSUS: 53.4% of European Tour winner’s in 2014 YTD, did not have a 3 iron in their bag

GOLF EUROPEAN TOUR CENSUS: On average 3.31 wedges per player were used on the 2013 European Tour.

GOLF RETAIL AUDIT:  Spikeless golf shoes now account for 24.4% of golf shoe sales in Sweden at year end 2013, compared with just 13.5% in 2012.

GOLF CONSUMER RESEARCH: When purchasing a new set of irons Swedish golfers rate custom fitting options as more important than price

cycling participation: 2.3 million people in Great Britain cycled for commuting/transport in the past 12 months.

golf retail audit: €153 euros was the average price paid for a golf putter in Germany in 2013.

cycling sportives: 66% of UK sportive riders have a speedometer attached to their bike.  Click here to learn more.

golf retail audit: The top three brands of driver accounted for just under three quarters of all drivers sold in France in 2013.

INTERNATIONAL RUNNING PARTICIPATION: Running is the second most participated sport in the UK, behind swimming.  The UK’s running population has reached an impressive 10.5million runners.

INTERNATIONAL RUNNING PARTICIPATION: 55% of of runners do at least a third of their running out on the roads, whilst a quarter do at least a third still outdoors, but off-road.

TOUR OF BRITAIN/ UK CYCLOSPORTIVES: 2013 Tour of Britain champion Sir Bradley Wiggins of Team Sky used Shimano wheels during 2014 ToB. Shimano were also used by 74% of a 2014 sample of UK cyclosportive riders.

TOUR OF BRITAIN/ UK CYCLOSPORTIVES: The groupset used by 10% of a sample of UK cyclosportive riders was the same brand of groupset, Campagnolo, as that used by the Movistar Team competing at The Friends for Life Tour of Britain 2014

TOUR OF BRITAIN/ UK CYCLOSPORTIVES: The IAM Cycling team rode the 2014 ToB in Giro helmets, the same brand of choice of 27% of a 2014 sample of UK cyclosportive riders.

TOUR OF BRITAIN/ UK CYCLOSPORTIVES: One-third of all The Friends for Life Tour of Britain 2014 riders are British.



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