ART MARKETING SURVEYS INC. is focused on the art, music, gallery and museum leisure sector to provide insight into consumer attitudes, interests and behaviour in relation to this significant industry.

Creating actionable insight and recommendations into the profiling of art and leisure consumers including analysis of demand, usage and preference, our work includes:

Using insight on problem identification, problem definition and problem solving, ART MARKETING SURVEYS INC. provides strategic business direction. Clients are guaranteed a personal approach and a personal solution to their research needs.

Clients would include the art and leisure destinations – from galleries to festivals – to brands operating in the market launching new products, assessing interest and demand, to sponsors or investors in this art and music marketplace to assess the impact of their involvement and the support created from their target consumers.

Using our experience from the sports and event markets, we have established a comprehensive service for the art, music, gallery, and museum leisure industry. We are able to provide SMART insight enabling better business decisions with a comprehensive understanding of the problems and issues facing the sector