Retailer Studies


For the sports brand access to the consumer has traditionally been through the retailer, and hence, understanding of the retail sector is core to understanding & improving brand performance.

SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. specialise in the following areas of investigation:


Speciality Retailer & Dealer analysis

Sports Marketing Surveys have been undertaking speciality retailer analysis for many years in Europe & the USA across sports categories.

Analysis topics include:

SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. has year-on-year comparison reports showing changes in performance in a number of key sports categories.


Bespoke Retailer Studies

Analysis for individual brands includes the following areas:

Analysis of performance amongst a brand’s current retailer network on a national or international basis is critical to understand how to improve your customer relations, sales performance and service. Research can be undertaken by postal, electronic or by telephone methodologies.

For a sports goods brand trying to change their profile, presence and performance in the market; research amongst lapsed retail outlets or non-customers is useful in understanding what elements are needed to change.

We can provide clear advice on the best research investigation for each manufacturer to ensure real insight can be delivered on the retail environment.


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Sports venues

Profiling sports venue users & their experiences; analysing facility usage & supply; compiling data-pooling & financial performance; supporting venue operators & developers.

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Sports participation

Providing industry stats on sport participation; analysis on sports lifestyles & participation frequency; understanding why people participate & helping stakeholders increase sport involvement.

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