SMS statement on Covid 19

Posted on March 23, 2020

With the ongoing Coronavirus challenge, we felt it appropriate to let you know how we at Sports Marketing Surveys are dealing with the situation.

All staff in both the UK and USA are now working from home.

Fortunately, we have in place all the technology to do this smoothly and without disruption. We also have a schedule of company phone-ins to ensure all staff are aware of all business and health priorities, and to enable progress on projects to be monitored and staff updated.

To our best ability, our level of service will continue as usual.

As an organisation, we are lucky to have an exceptional team and envisage no reduction in staff levels. Any spare time will be used as an opportunity to enhance our ability to serve our customers even better when normal conditions return.

We are actively thinking about what information will enable all clients and stakeholders in the sports industry to be prepared and ready to respond to what the new sporting normal brings, and to maximise the benefits for their sports, clients and markets.

We are well placed to weather the storm and we hope that our clients and friends throughout the sports industry will do so too. We are open for business!

Sport and exercise can and will continue to play a vital role in people’s lives and we look forward to supporting our clients as they deliver products, events, services and initiatives that keep people active, happy and healthy.

If you have any requests, would like to discuss this, or just to have a conversation about your current situation – we would like to hear from you, and are available to speak. We wish you, your families, and your team good health.

With best wishes

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