Posted on May 14, 2013

As the official provider of the Equipment Census for the European Tour, SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. will complete a full equipment evaluation of all teams and players at The Celebrity Cup.

The census will be done in full, as if participants were about to tee it up on the full Tour, with each player’s clubs, ball, hat, and shoe being recorded on the first day of the international match.

“Having SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. undertaking an Official Equipment Census for all players will only enhance the experience for the Celebrities – as well show them how much players today are in the public eye,” said James Goode, organiser of Golf Live.

Richard Payne of SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. said: “We believe that golf fans will be interested in the equipment the celebrities are using, and we just hope that there will not be any need for penalty shots or disqualification through carrying more than 14-clubs, or play with any non-conforming equipment”.

“However, most importantly, we just want the Celebrity Cup to be a fabulous showcase and act as a catalyst to get more players into the game, and to encourage those current golfers to get out and play more often in 2013” Payne added.

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