One of the key ‘building-blocks’ in developing sport is understanding who is playing, how many are taking part, and why they are doing so.

Internationally, we are the leading provider of participation statistics across multiple markets – from analysing behaviour patterns of taking-part to providing details on the absolute number of people playing a particular sport. Insight and interpretation is delivered through analysis on the impact from other sports and leisure pressures, or socio-economic and natural factors – such as the weather!

Understanding “active lifestyles” and increasing sport participation is a topical and political concern facing society internationally as competition for an individual’s leisure time increases. Tackling obesity and changing attitudes towards sedentary activities are mainstream concerns – our SMART research into sports participation is more than just providing data on the number of players.

Our focus with participation includes understanding not just the drivers – but also the barriers – to sports participation and why people play sport. This enables our clients to develop strategies for developing their sport, retaining existing players, and attracting new participants through all touchpoints from schools, to local clubs and nationally organised events and teams.

Developing SMART insight and interpretation through lifestyle segmentation analysis going beyond age, gender, social and ethnic group, or play frequency but built around attitudes and behaviour produces actionable insight into understanding levels of participation.

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