Successful businesses are those who have a clear strategic vision, understand their markets, identify commercial opportunities and with a focused approach target these opportunities. Getting to this position is difficult, and made more complicated when the business requirement is to focus on the ‘now’, the current client and the next sale. ‘Busy on Now – not on Next, or on New’ is often what we hear.

SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. is a founder member of the SMS SPORTS CONSULTING GROUP Focuses on delivering transformational outcomes to businesses and through doing so, to raise the bar in sports marketing and management.

Launched in 2018, the SMS SPORTS CONSULTING GROUP is made up of some of the finest minds in sport. Each consultant brings a depth of executive level experience from across the world of sports events, venues, partnerships, federations and brands.


Its services cover: Insight; brand engagement, advocacy and growth; event staging;  athlete and customer journey optimisation; marketing and commercial proposition development, execution and revenue generation; product innovation, marketing and launch; sponsorship strategy planning and management; bid development, assessment, tourism and legacy planning.


The team delivering the consultancy is embedded in sport – and across different sports – drawing on significant experience to ask the right questions, help identify the key influences and issues facing your company, help provide strategies to identify the right markets and market segments, and how to bring your products to market.


The group applies SMS INC.’s principles of  robust SMART data and insight for decisions. It is built on problem identification, problem definition and problem solving that we come across in working with clients.


Working with your existing management teams, our consultancy expertise brings independent, external support to those required to identify and deliver brand strategies. Using knowledge of the industry, understanding trends in behaviour and with the ability to identify the right questions, and knowing how to ask these to the right people, has created a service that helps clients get to the core of their business issues.