We provide comprehensive sports equipment insight across multiple sports including: market size calculations; measurement of brand performance & market share; speciality retail market & purchase channel analysis; consumer purchase, product-consideration & net promoter score comparisons (SPORT-NPS™).

Building on the trust of manufacturers allows market sizing and price segmentation & trends to be analysed through syndicated shipment programmes. Understanding of brand performance at point-of-sale is evaluated through speciality Retailer Trends Programmes, retail audit analysis and customer-satisfaction surveys.

Sales channel insight is provided on market sales trends, product ranges & brand listing performance including manufacturer ratings across multiple commercial factors. Additional understanding can be generated through bespoke research for specific brand suppliers.

Sports Goods research includes equipment census monitoring which evaluates sports equipment usage by elite athletes at major international events or the active sports-person at mass participation events. This enables manufacturers to monitor athlete endorsement, identify new potential players; and make verified marketing communication claims on product performance and usage – SPORTS EQUIPMENT CENSUS.

Understanding the behaviour, equipment usage and brand decisions of the core participant is critical to the market. Research includes equipment owned & purchased including sales-channel analysis; brand consideration, brand image, attitudes & recommendation; and the customer-journey and relationship with your product. We have also undertaken new product development research including in-play testing, packaging analysis and communication research.

As a full service agency, we undertake quantitative and qualitative research using traditional, digital and emerging methodologies. We help clients to define & express their insight objectives and identify & undertake the most appropriate solutions.

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