Focusing on where sports participants play their sport, we support venue operators and venue developers, whether profiling users and visitors; analysing usage models or services & facility supply; or investigating venue development requirements.

Business model development and revenue-model evaluation helps venues develop investment strategies, membership strategies and service provision. Our research includes evaluation of usage of existing venues from multi-sport facilities, country-clubs, golf courses, sports grounds and stadiums to general leisure centres.

Programmes include benchmarking facility services, customer demand, pricing & value-for-money analysis. Our CLASP services – Customer Loyalty And Satisfaction Programmes – enable performance and usage comparison between venues and allows operators to make research-directed business decisions.

Mystery shopping programmes or direct customer satisfaction analysis amongst visitors and consumers are frequently part of our investigation tools.

Consultancy on the development of new sports venues includes demand mapping, geographical user profiling and segmentation; competitive venue analysis; and revenue and forecast business model development. Our understanding of participation and trends in emerging sports also enables demand forecasting for new services or insight into the development of new sports facilities.

Our syndicated services include business data-pooling – working with key stakeholders in the sports and leisure industry to compile operational statistics including membership levels, pricing, staffing & direct operating costs; food-&-beverage sales, and overall facility usage. This enables venue owners to compare their own performance against national averages or within pre-defined groups.

Working with operators of proprietary or municipal sports venues and leisure centres, or with private member clubs, we provide insight into how business performance can be enhanced, and facility-usage maximised through SMART data driven advice and guidance.  Be at the front of the sports venue industry and contact us at .