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Senior Sports Data Manager

Nirma joined SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. as a Senior Sports Data Manager in 2019. Over her career, Nirma has more than 8 years’ experience in software development and testing. As well as sport, she has applied her skills in the worlds of banking, finance and insurance.  At SMS INC., Nirma leads the data science work underpinning the company’s retail audit programmes.  This includes managing and updating the SMS INC. retail audit database, organising the coding of individual products into a universal product taxonomy and running bespoke reporting for a wide range of clients.

She has strong passion for mathematics and analytics and likes to solve puzzles. Nirma’s qualifications include a B.E in Computer Science and Engineering, and she is fluent in the R and Python coding languages.

Away from the office and apart from spend time with family and friends, she likes to watch movies and cook.


Who is your ultimate sporting hero?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Michael Schumacher.

Which sport event or venue would you most like to visit?


Which (sport) team do you support?

Indian Cricket Team

What’s your favourite sporting event to watch?

Cricket World Cup

What are your sporting goals?

To take up cycling.