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Stephen has been involved with Sports Marketing Surveys since taking it over in 1984 & has always been at the forefront of sports research. He is a renowned originator & entrepreneur growing  Sports Marketing Surveys into the world’s largest specialist sport & sponsorship research consultancy before selling the business in 2008.

He is now back! As Chairman of SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. and SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA, Stephen provides leadership, guidance and experience to the organisation. His knowledge and reputation in the golf industry ensures he is frequently requested to speak or consult with leading industry practitioners around the world.

Stephen is passionate about how SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. can help and support all aspects of the sports industry.


Who is your ultimate sporting hero?

Ben Hogan

What is your favourite sporting theme tune?

Match of the Day

Which sport event or venue would you most like to visit?

The Olympic Games

What’s your favourite sporting event to watch?

The Masters

What are your sporting goals?

To keep playing golf well enough to enjoy