i. SMS INC RADAR, launched in partnership with MMRI RADAR, is a new digital intelligence tool that allows SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. to harness online social posting and commentary to enhance its research capabilities. Sports fans, media, key influencers, and rights holders alike turn to the internet, and in particular social channels, to air their views, thoughts, and opinions. SMS INC RADAR is able to monitor and analyse this conversation to understand not only sentiment but also the why. Why do people think what they think? Why do feel the way they do?

ii. SMS INC RADAR combines cutting edge technology with unparalleled access to data and HUMAN INTELLIGENCE. Many systems use ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE that can spot patterns in language and specific vocabulary, but with SMS INC RADAR, you are in the hands of experienced, sports-specialist researchers who can sort the useful data from the noise to provide meaningful insight that will help you understand the sentiment and make meaningful business decisions.