Posted on July 26, 2016

As well as undertaking multiple research projects at The Open this year, SMS INC. was busy co-hosting the 32nd annual Golf Industry Lunch at Royal Troon.

For an eighth year, SMS INC. partnered up with the British Golf Industry Association (BGIA) to host the Golf Industry Lunch, which supports the Golf Foundation’s initiative HSBC GolfRoots. The Lunch is a major event in the golf industry’s calendar, and is attended by key figures from all corners of the game . The lunch was attended by 130 of the industry’s most influential people.


The Lunch takes place annually and is an opportunity for experts to discuss the state of the golf industry, considering where new perspectives and expansions will be able to grow the game. A wide range of industry representatives attend and this year SMS INC’s John Bushell, The BGIA’s Nigel Freemantle and Brendan Pyle of the Golf Foundation each gave a speech.

As usual, John’s speech was packed full of interesting and insightful sporting facts and figures, as well as some SMART DATA courtesy of SMS INC.’s research over the past 12 months. This year, the main focus of the speech was Women’s golf. John discussed the state of the professional women’s game worldwide, touching on role models and the success of the Curtis Cup team. As well as this, he stressed that women are more likely to play fun, flexible, family and fast versions of the game, drawing upon the Golf Actives research to highlight that in 2015, 33% of Golf Actives were female, as opposed to 14% of 18 hole golfers.

He touched on some cycling and tennis stats, and finished by informing attendees of SMS INC.’s future. As well as a busy summer at Roland Garros, The Open and Wimbledon, we are working on Golf Actives, The European Tour player efficiency study, SPORTS-ON-POINT  and Brand Health Check – to name a few. Feel free to get in touch to see how we can provide you with SMART DATA, tailored specifically to you and your company.

“Golf is not broken”, John finished, “Golf is being consumed in so many different ways – and we need to embrace this flexibility to create fun, family, friendly environments.
Golf is good for you – whether it is the non-impact sporting exercise with friends, or testing-the-mind with rules and scoring – there are significant social and health benefits. We must embrace that golf can be played from 8 to 80. So, let’s go and talk up this game – and golf will continue to inspire more generations of golfers across Europe and across the world.”

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