Posted on February 11, 2015

Golf – a game in decline or changing for the better? “What does the future of golf in the UK look like? Are things really as bad as they seem? Is golf really on the decline? Or is it just changing?

True, according to stats from England Golf, there has been a 20% slump in golf club memberships between 2004 and 2013, from 882,184 to 707,424.

Plus, the number of adults in Great Britain playing at least once on a nine or 18-hole course in 2013 was down for the second year running, to just below 3.4m (6.6% of the adult population), according to leading sports research company SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS. (SMS INC).

Price, pace of play, unwelcoming venues and stuffy attitudes are hampering the game and prime reasons why about 70% of the UK golf population are not joining golf clubs.

What does the future of golf in the UK look like?

But SMS INC. has also announced increased figures in its “Golf Rounds Played” study for 2014 in comparison with the previous two years.

The survey revealed the number of rounds played per public-access course in Great Britain between October and December 2014 was up 4.5% on 2013, and up 5.3% between July and September.
While memberships and general participation might be down, it would seem those that do play are playing more and becoming more “nomadic” – happy to spread their business around whichever course takes their fancy next…. ”

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