Posted on December 22, 2014

That cycling is the new golf has become an anecdotal truism. As golf participation has fallen dramatically in Britain in recent years, cycling has boomed, fueling the perception that where there were once sets of clubs gathering dust in millions of garages, there are now spanking sets of wheels.

The figures suggest more of you will be receiving cycling-related kit this Christmas than golf-related caboodle. Sport England reckons there were more than two million adults cycling at least once a week between April 2013 and April 2014, compared to 710,400 taking to the fairways.

More worryingly for golf in England, participation has fallen by about 180,000 in eight years. Cycling, on the other hand, gained about 270,000 pedal-pushers in the last year alone. This figure does not include people tootling to work or down to the local. Cycling waxes while golf wanes.

Now there is evidence, albeit tentative, to suggest the truism might actually be true and that golfers are indeed morphing into cyclists. A 2013 study by SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. which has been examining golfers’ habits for 17 years, showed that 20% of golfers who packed up the game in the past six to 24 months – whose reason was to take up a new activity or sport – did so to take up cycling.

Read the full piece on the BBC SPORT website.

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