Posted on October 31, 2012

Research by SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. has been featured in an article on the Travel Daily News website – the news portal network for travel professionals.

“The survey, commissioned by Reed Travel Exhibitions, organisers of the International Golf Travel Market, found that more than 85% of golfers in Scandinavia and Germany had taken a ‘non-domestic’ golf break over the past year, compared to 79% of golfers in UK and Ireland, and 70% in France.

“While it is well known that UK and Ireland has the largest number of golfers in Europe, the propensity for German golfers to take international golf breaks, and their tendency to stay for more than a week, makes Germany an important target market for golf travel destinations.

“The research also underlines the significance of golfing groups, especially from the UK and Ireland, and Scandinavia, and destinations need to consider how they position themselves to accommodate these groups, the packages available and how their offering is communicated.””

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