Sports Marketing Surveys unveils SportActives reports on UK participation

Posted on February 24, 2020

Sports Marketing Surveys has announced a new set of reports on sports participation in the UK.

Based on a robust, nationally representative sample of 10,000 UK households, the SportActives results are designed to help interested parties better understand the volume and make-up of players of a particular sport. Buyers will learn the total number of participants in their sport, as well as how this breaks down across different ages, genders and socio-economic backgrounds.

The findings will be of interest to brands, retailers, federations or commercial partners looking to plan new product launches in a sport, target marketing spend, or support pitches to partners and potential investors.

In addition to the important demographic information, the data will help buyers understand the frequency of participation in their sport as well as the rival leisure pursuits that appeal to their players.

Reports are available for the following sports in the UK:

More detailed analyses are also available in Running, Tennis, Cycling and Football. These sports, all of which fall inside the top 10 for sports participation in the UK, include additional questioning on the perception of the sport. For example, buyers can measure the perception of the sport as, “challenging” “good exercise”, “sociable” among other descriptors, comparing the attitude of those who take part in each sport against the general UK population, representative at national level.

Each SportActives report covers a single sport and costs from £495 + VAT.

Sports Marketing Surveys also operates the industry leading Physical Activity Council study of participation in the USA. Reports are available for over 100 sports.


To purchase one or more of these reports, or for further information please contact

Fieldwork was carried out with a robust sample of 10,000 UK households in 2019 to generate accurate, reliable information on the state of sport in the UK.

*More detailed reports are available in these sports.

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