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WISLEY, UNITED KINGDOM – January 2017 Leading market research firm SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. announces new results from its ground-breaking participation study across 27 sports in 21 countries worldwide.

The research began in 2014-15 over a two-year cycle, with the 2016 figures offering up to date information on the state of play in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland Australia, USA, Japan and India. 2016’s figures therefore also represent a chance to assess changes over the course of the last two years, bringing trend based information to this vital area of the industry.

“This research gives brands invaluable data and detailed insight into the key question of ‘who is doing my sport’. Understanding participation is critical for demand forecasting, strategic planning and identification of potential areas for growth across many key sports. This is the first time comparative findings on this scale have been available on an international basis. ,” said John Bushell, Managing Director, SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC.

The findings are essential to brands in understanding the international consumer market in their sports. Meanwhile, federations and governing bodies can explore the starting age and play frequency of current participants while also monitoring the sports competing for players’ time, and targeting new demographics for potential growth.

The robust research, which surveys 3,000 households per country, explores the rates of sports participation in unprecedented depth,  showing detailed demographic splits, as well as tracking motivations and other play habits.

A full report costs £650 per country per sport, although discounts are available for multiple sports/countries.

SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC., is a full-service market research agency with offices in the UK and USA. It offers syndicated and bespoke research programmes in a range of sports, working with brands, retailers, venues, events, federations and governing bodies.

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Editor’s note:  SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. undertook the fieldwork with a leading international research panel provider in the last two year and have completed with SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS USA. over 250,000 interviews in more than 20 markets covering 100 sports on the playing of sport. This programme has been done with the support of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the US TIA (Tennis Industry Association) as part of a wider programme into equipment usage and participation.