Posted on August 12, 2014


SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. (SMS INC.) announces the results of its groundbreaking International Participation Research into running across eleven markets, which reveals that the UK’s running population has reached an impressive 10.5million runners.

The market-leading sports research company’s exclusive venture offers unrivaled insight into the UK running market in 2014, and has concluded that one in five adults run four or more times a year, while 25% of under-18s also qualify as active runners under these criteria.

“This overwhelmingly positive news for the running industry continues the trend in the UK, and internationally, towards sports directly related to health & fitness,” said SMS INC. Managing Director John Bushell.

“The full report will offer interested parties new, otherwise unobtainable behavioural insight into UK runners and their relationship with the sport.”
Following the release of this data, running can profess to be the number-two sport in the UK in terms of participation, after swimming.

SMS INC. can also reveal an average rate of running participation of 72 times per year, or 1 to 2 times per week, and that 55% of runners do at least a third of their running out on the roads, whilst a quarter do at least a third still outdoors, but off-road.

Again proving the increasing popularity of the sport, almost half of runners partake in competitive events at least once a year, with shorter distances up to 10km the most popular form of race.

While shorter distances remain more popular, longer distance running is also gaining participants in the UK. 800,000 runners, or 10% of the UK adult running population, competed in a marathon, half-marathon or triathlon in the last 12 months.

The full reports on the UK or for all worldwide markets are available from SMS INC. now.

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