As sports participants increasingly focus on ‘individual sports’ to fit in with their time-constrained leisure time sports diary, there has been even further requirement to measure the true involvement of participants in a sport to ensure non-affiliated participants are included.

SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. work closely with sports federations helping them measure participation in their sport, and how this may compare to their registered member numbers.

Whilst this may be the bedrock of ‘where they are now’, our bespoke service focus has been on evaluating different programmes on;

Where sports federations are also ‘rights owners’ and ‘event owners’, we have developed programmes under the VENUECHECK™ banner to evaluate performance and potential for these sports occasions.

Where government funding has been central to sport investment, and the role of the sports federation, then SMS INC. has been involved in sense-checking and interpreting the official findings using insight into the behaviour of players.

Ensuring sports federations are future-proofed and have clear development strategies to grow the sport – or maintain funding – has been core to the programmes of research developed by SMS INC.